In case anyone has ever installed my mobile apps/games and found them to be not as good as they expected, the reason is because I have not been able to update my games (or make any new game/app) for several years now, because of the issues discussed in this website, regarding a foreign spy agency.

(This Website is also hosted here: HARUNKIMANI.COM && HARUNKIMANI.NET)

Several of my apps are no longer available on any store because, as anyone involved in app development knows, apps require regular updating, else, they may become unusable.

When I was making mobile games/apps (stopped about 5 years ago), I created 2 Google Play accounts (plan was for 1 to be for games, other for “serious” apps). Some games and one app are still available on Google Play store. I also have one app and 2 games still available at iOS App Store.

Please download one of my app/games and you might just like it! Thank you.

My AllOdds mobile Apps & Games
My Century Apps & Games
My App & Games at iOS App Store

My name is Harun Ngige Kimani, born in Kenya, lives in Perth, Australia. Please visit my blog or check my apps & games below:


Email: hk[at]harunkimani.net && hk[at]harunkimani.com

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